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Hello viewer am KOMBI from Kenya 29 years old am here to share my testimony on how i joined the brotherhood of illuminati.. four months back when i wanted to join the brotherhood i was scammed by  fake  agents and people pretending to be Grand Master use the website.. until i met a friend  MR BERRY CASTLE who gave me the genuine procedures i followed and made me a member of the great brotherhood of illuminati. today i am living a good life and i have enough money to do all i ever wanted .if u are interested and u need the help of my Initiator Berry. Call or Whats'App  MR Berry Castle +1(779) 324-0633 

thanks Berry, am living the dream i will forever be grateful.

Wednesday, 14 April 2021
James: Join the Illuminati


Welcome to the Illuminate brotherhood where riches and powers are achieved.

Having you looking for a way to join the great brotherhood here is a golden

opportunity and chance to join the great fraternity. Join Illuminate

brotherhood today and receive the sum of $500,000 USD immediately after your

initiation and more benefits to come your way, No human sacrifices involve

only few items needed for your initiation, if interested whats-app the

temple lord on +2348107771101 for more information and how to be initiated


Wednesday, 14 April 2021
Lewis Morgan: Illuminati

    GREETINGS FROM THE GREAT ILLUMINATI BROTHERHOOD! IN REGARDS OF YOU BECOMING A MEMBER OF THE GREAT ILLUMINATI, WE WELCOME YOU. Be part of something profitable and special (WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF THE ILLUMINATI). Are you a POLITICIAN, ENGINEER, DOCTOR, ENTERTAINER, MODEL, GRADUATE/STUDENT, OR YOU HAVE IT IN MIND TO EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS To BECOME GREAT MINDS. It is pertinent to also know that For becoming a member, and earn the sum of $600,000 as your welcoming benefit, don't miss this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY”  . The great Illuminati Organization makes you rich and famous in the world, If you're interested kindly Email: OR WhatsApp  +233559931250           

Wednesday, 14 April 2021
kingsley matthew: members
HOW ILLUMINATI BROTHERHOOD MAKE ME RICH AND FAMOUS. I am a member of the illuminati brotherhood, i want to give thanks to the Lord Lucifer, for what he has done for me, he changed my life, he bring joy and happiness to my life, i am living a good life today is because of the illuminati brotherhood, i have being try all my life to join the illuminati brotherhood, i was scammed some many times but i still did not give up, because when you give up in life, life will also give up on you, if you have been scammed so many times, my advise for you is not to give up, because the illuminati brotherhood is real, i joined the real illuminati paying just 300usd, to join the illuminati, i want you all to know today, , you don't pay money to join, my advice for you all is to make up your mind and join the illuminati brotherhood, when my initiation process was completed the benefits amount which was given to me is $1,000,000 to start a new life, this is the reason why i can not stop hailing the illuminati brotherhood, Are you a musician or a politician or a business person and you want to become rich in what you do if you are in any kind of problems or you in support in life, my advice to you is to join the illuminati brotherhood so that all your problems can be solve in life, to join the illuminati brotherhood you can contact Nathaniel Nelly on whatsapp, +1 (951) 290-3069 or Email him on

Tuesday, 13 April 2021
melky uropmabin: Edark


Tuesday, 13 April 2021
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